How Healthy is Quark? 

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Fresh Quark

A German origination, fresh Quark has the butterfat content of yoghurt, the consistency and appeal of Crème fraîche, with a smooth, creamy, elegance. Perfect as a topping for crispy tarte flambées, delectable ice creams, cakes, and pies.

Lemon Quark

A favorite among Chefs, fresh lemon essence interweaves into a delicate, fresh, “guiltless” cheese, creating an unparalleled addition to sweet or savory dishes. Dessert? Add fresh raspberries. A quick snack? Spread on top of lavender crostini.

Garlic Quark

A savory take on a German origination, piquant garlic emerges gently from delicate cream, adding depth to one of the healthiest cheeses ever created. A perfect pairing with savory dishes, most notably atop a roasted rack of lamb.